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ESL Wiz was created to unite people from around the world in their shared thirst for language learning. It enables students from different backgrounds and locations to have access to qualified native English speaking teachers.

It was founded by two experienced ESL teachers from the UK and Australia and several experts in linguistics. They sought to find a way to bring the classroom into students’ homes. They wanted everyone to enjoy an equal opportunity in developing their language skills.

After extensive research and development, ESL Wiz provided the technological platform needed to achieve this goal. Now ESL Wiz is setting new standards in online education and changing the way people think about learning languages.  

  • ESL WIZ uses technology to overcome geographical boundaries and connect people from around the world.

  • ESL WIZ strives to bring people from different nations together in an interactive learning environment.

  • ESL WIZ strives to enhance knowledge and cultural understanding.

  • ESL WIZ sets new standards for online education and is constantly developing new ideas and practices.

  • ESL WIZ gives students’ access to qualified Native English speaking teachers at an affordable price.

  • ESL WIZ strives to expand its range of education programs and build partnerships with reputable businesses and educational institutions.

  • ESL WIZ values feedback and input from students and teachers as a core part of its development.

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