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Q.Do I get to speak directly and ask questions to a qualified teacher from the UK, Australia or the USA online in a class of up to four students?

A.One of our main goals is to give our students time to practise and improve their spoken English under the guidance of a qualified and experienced teacher from the UK, Australia or the USA.

Q.How does the price change for more than one student in a class?

A.Our course fees show the price for one-to-one classes. Classes with up to four students will be the same price. Students can share the price between themselves.

Students can form an ESL Wiz Study club and share the course fee.

Q.How does the video conferencing software actually work and how do I receive lesson materials and books as well as my schedule?

A.Students and teachers meet in a virtual classroom where they can talk and see each other. There is an interactive whiteboard where the teacher get write and highlight key points and can also upload lesson material. There are a range of interactive features available.

Once you join you will then receive a username and password to access ESL Wiz e-learning centre and from there students will have their own study page with PDF textbooks and lesson materials in written and video formats. Plus, they can receive assignments with teacher’s comments and feedback and look at their lesson schedule.

More information about the ESL Wiz Study Rooms video conferencing software.

Q.Can I see the body language and gestures of the teacher?

A.The size of the webcam window is adjustable, so you can see the teacher clearly and fully communicate with them.


Q.What happens if I am late for class


A.If students are late, teachers must wait for the following amounts of time before logging off:

  • 5 minutes for 20 minute classes
  • 10 minutes for 40 minute classes
  • 15 minutes for 1 hour classes.

Please see our policies and procedures page for more detail

Q.Can I change the time of the class?

A. Students are able to change the class if they give at least 24 hours notice. They can do this a maximum of 3 times in a four week period.

Please see our policies and procedures page for more detail


Q. Can I see any demo videos showing the video-conferencing software and a part of an actual online class?


A. You can visit our ESL Wiz Study Rooms page to watch a video of an online class as well as a video introduction to using the software.



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