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The ESL WIZ Study Rooms software enables students to enter a unique and advanced virtual classroom environment. Using the interactive whiteboard feature, teachers can display lesson material and use the interactive features to give the students advice and correct errors. Various multimedia tools, which also incorporate the use of video, are also available to expand the range of activities. 

ESL WIZ study rooms also gives students their own study page which includes PDF textbooks and other lesson materials in written and video formats. They can chat with other students and co-ordinate on group activities as well as receive assignments with personalised teacher feedback and look at their lesson schedule. Students can also see their teacher and adjust the size of the webcam window, so they can more clearly observe the teacher’s body language and gestures. 

Online education is growing rapidly in popularity and is seen as a revolutionary tool that is shaping the future of education.  

The development of ESL WIZ study rooms has been aided by the input of experienced ESL teachers, IT professionals and the students themselves. We have listened to our students and consulted with universities and other educational institutions to see how we can expand the benefits of online education and respond to potential difficulties.  


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Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
Internet Connection (At least 512 kb).
Headset & Mic


Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Virtual Study Environment

Advantages of using a Virtual Study Environment 

  • Cuts travel costs, since students can learn from the comfort of their own home. 
  • Students can get more time with a native English speaking teacher, since class sizes are small. One to one classes are also cheaper than in academies. Commonly classes in academies have large numbers of students.
  • Teachers can respond to the individual learning needs of the student.
  • Lessons scheduling is more adaptable and can fit student needs.
  • Interactive multi-media tools can be utilised for a more dynamic learning process.

    Disadvantages of using a Virtual Study Environment

    Using older more traditional forms of videoconferencing software, students can’t clearly observe the body language of a teacher.

    ESL WIZ Study rooms allows the webcam windows to be fully adjustable, so you can clearly see the body language and facial expressions of your teacher.

    Students are unsure how easy it is to ask teachers questions when class is underway.

    ESL WIZ has smaller class sizes and an affordable one-to-one program, so teachers spend time responding to student difficulties. This is seen as a priority in all the English language programs we offer.

    Lessons can also be recorded on MP3, so students can have a record of how the teacher responded to their questions.

    It’s difficult to re-create the atmosphere of a classroom in the virtual study environment.

    Through the ESL WIZ study club option, students can form their own study group with their friends, classmates and colleagues. Small class sizes and a range of interactive tools can create a surprisingly comfortable and interactive learning environment.



    Study Room Demonstrations

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